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​​​​​​​Parents Consultation Evenings May 2021

Like in the autumn term we will be offering 10-minute telephone appointments for parents’ consultations rather than face-to-face appointments. These will be held during the week commencing 10th May. To organise these, we will be using the online booking system via Primary Site, our website & email provider. We have a number of days available to support this way of operating and allow staff to space out calls. 


How will it work? 

On Wednesday 28th April at midday, an automatic email will be sent to all parents/ carers who are the priority 1 contact for each pupil.  It will invite them to book a 10-minute slot on their preferred date, once booked that slot will disappear off a list so there will be no double booking. After booking a confirmation email of the slot booked will be sent to the parent/ carer. There is also an option for parents to say if they are unable to ‘attend’ on the dates given.

Your child’s teacher will use the telephone number which is highlighted as the preferred number on our management information system for the person booking the appointment. Please contact your child's teacher directly if you wish to use an alternative number. Also, please be aware if you receive the call on a device with caller display you will see:

Either- ‘caller no. withheld’ if the teacher is using their personal mobile phone to call you

Or- ‘01904553300’ if the teacher is calling from school


‘Help, I can’t access the online system!’

If any parent/ carer cannot complete the process electronically the office staff will be able to book a slot manually. Please contact the office on 01904 552225 after 1pm on Thursday 29th April  to discuss available slots.

Bookings will close at 5pm on Wednesday 5th May.

Please help us by:

•             Being available at the scheduled time of the appointment

•             Being patient if you are not phoned exactly at the meeting time

•             Being respectful of other people’s appointments and keeping to 10 minutes

If you would also like to speak to me, please email school: to arrange a mutually convenient time.