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School Uniform List

Our School colour is blue and our badge is the Wigginton Mallard, ‘Adult with Young’. The starred *items, along with book bags, are available with the school badge on, and can be purchased from the office.

  •  *Sweatshirts or cardigans in royal or navy blue.
  •  ‘School type’ trousers, skirts or pinafore dresses in grey, black or navy blue.
  •  Shirts, blouses or *polo-shirts in white and sky blue.
  •  Socks or tights in grey, blue or white.
  •  ‘School’ shoes in black or blue. Sandals in black, blue or white.


PE Clothing

All the children are expected wear the following on PE days for their PE lessons:

  • Shorts or gym skirts in navy blue.
  • White t-shirts.
  • Plimsolls

For outdoor PE:

  • Trainers or plimsolls.
  • Plain, blue sweatshirts and jogging bottoms for cooler weather.

A drawstring, named PE bag. (We have limited space in our cloakrooms, so a drawstring bag is ideal)


In addition an apron or a cut down old shirt to cover the children’s clothing while painting or working with clay etc.


We ask that children do not wear: School clothes in other colour combinations; clothes of inappropriate material (especially denim), clothes which have other logos or designs on them or trainers at times other than PE.

Jewellery: Due to the very practical and physical nature of a young person’s day, we do not permit jewellery on the basis of safety. Watches are permitted and children with pierced ears may wear small studs. Hoops or dangling ear rings are not allowed. Again for safety reasons, children are expected to remove their ear-rings, or to tape over them, for PE. Children are expected to be able to manage this themselves.