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STEM Club 2022-23

"This is me" performed by the whole of KS2

Get your hankies ready - this is an emotional performance from all the classes in Year 3-6 of 2 verses of "This is me" from the greatest showman.

KS1 sing "This is me"

Listen to the enthusiasm from KS1 as they sing a verse and chorus of "This is me" from The greatest showman.

"A million dreams" sung by KS2 pupils

Prepare to be amazed at the beautiful voices of all the KS2 classes in the complete song of "A million dreams" from The greatest showman.

Wiggi Key Stage 1 sing "A million dreams" from The Greatest Showman.

Enjoy the youngest classes in our school singing their hearts out.

Art gallery winners

This is power in me!

Enjoy the whole school singing their new mash-up.....regular favourite assembly song "POWER IN ME", combined with the recent hit from The Greatest Showman, "THIS IS ME". All pupils from Reception to Year 6 enjoying singing together ; it was a perfect start to our day.

Classes 5J and 6Ry have been developing their own musical pieces, inspired by World Book Day. Have a listen to these and enjoy the wide variety of musical styles and the talent on show. Well done everyone!

Mrs Liversidge

World Book Day inspiration - The quest for the golden eggs

World book day inspiration - Watch out for your teeth!

World book day inspiration - The magical world of Harry Potter

World book day inspiration - RAD BAD DAD

World book day inspiration - It's all a wonder

World Book Day inspiration - Billionaire beast!

World book day inspiration - Bad Dad Getaway!

Please have a listen to these fantastic compositions from Class 6Ry, all inspired by some of our favourite books and characters.

World book day inspiration - The real me

World book day inspiration - The old thief

World book day inspiration - Musical machinery!

World book day inspiration - Matilda's life

World book day inspiration - Harry Potter fights on!

World book day inspiration - Battle of Hogwarts!

World book day inspiration - Coconut boogie

World Book Day Inspiration - Dog Zombies rule!

Classes 6Ry and 5J have been working on compositions inspired by World Book Day. We hope you enjoy our musical journey through some of our favourite texts and characters, all presented in a variety of musical styles.

Year 3/4 sweetie mash-up!

The Year 3 and 4 classes have been learning some songs from "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" as part of their chocolate topic. Today, we added in some other suitable songs from different films to create our very own Year 3/4 sweetie mash-up! We hope you enjoy listening.

World Book Day Doors 2018

Snowy Day at School Feb2018

Christmas displays 2016

Children in Need 2016 -Wigginton's Spotacular Bake Sale

The most powerful Gods.MP3

Year 5 and 6 have been working on songwriting inspired by their Greeks topic. This group impressively composed a melody with keyboard and xylophone accompaniment which created a stunning effect. Well done. Please have a listen to all the tracks. There are some extremely talented musicians in Year 5/6.

Comments from Y5/60
"I liked the singing, it was nicely tuned."
"The piano part was good, it blended nicely with the vocals."
"The singing was really unexpected which made me want to listen more."

The Trojan horse.MP3

Comments from 5Ry...
"I liked the effect of the instrumental backing at the beginning and the end."
"I thought the chant worked really well with the backing track and the changes in tempo were effective."

The heart stopping minataur.MP3

Comments from 5Ry...
"There was an effective contrast in texture through the piece."
"The timbre of the voices suited the subject of the song, making it sound dramatic and a bit scary!"
"The structure was clear and effective."

Gods of Greece.MP3

"This is so catchy the whole class can sing along."
"I really like the chanting section in the middle."
Comments from 5/6O
"I liked the rap section because it was a contrast."
"It was a song that would stick in your head."
"I liked the guitar part and the singing."

Wiggi goddesses.MP3

"I really liked the crescendo and the diminuendo."
"I liked the slower tempo of this song. There was a contrast in tempo between the two sections which made us listen."
"I liked how the keyboard blended in with the singing."


"I liked how they repeated phrases, a bit like an echo."
"I liked the structure with effective use of violin and drum."


"The structure was very clear so you could understand where the verses and chorus were."
"The contrast in pitch between choruses and verses was effective and stood out."

Black war.MP3

"I liked the really strong beat."
"The sound of the cello created an eerie effect."

Groovy Gods of Greece.MP3

"The sections were contrasting, in different tempos and styles, but were all linked."
"I liked the ending with the tremolo on the viola."
Comments from 5/6O...
"I liked the way the singing and viola parts went well together."
"I liked the beginning, it made me want to listen more."

"It was a clearly structured piece of music."

Slaughter in the night.MP3

Comments from 5Ry...
"I really liked it, it was so dramatic because of the style of singing and the guitar effects."
"It made me think of going into a haunted house."
"It was unpredictable which made it exciting to listen to."
"The different sounds were layered together carefully."

Greek quartet

This group have worked hard to create different vocal effects with a range of instruments as accompaniment.

Goddesses group

This group have also been busy cycling but have come up with an effective piece in a short time.

Greek duos!

These pairs didn't have much time to compose their pieces as they have been busy with their cycling....I'm sure you'll agree they have done a great job in a short time.

Art Gallery 2016 winners

Moonlight inspired pieces and poems by 5Ry and 5/6O

Classes 5Ry and 5/6O have been working on pieces inspired by Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata. They have composed triplet patterns and layered them with another pattern before combining them with a poem written in the Victorian era ; some stunning results I am sure you'll agree! Some groups even improvised melodies for the poems to match the xylophone patterns ; others created atmospheric endings. Well done everyone!

Moonlight piece with improvised, perfectly pitched vocals

Moonlight piece with a mixture of beautifully pitched vocals, expressive speaking, and atmospheric ending!

More moonlight pieces, from 5/60

O Aimee Caitlin Minnie.MP3

O Elsie Summer Poppy.MP3

O Emma Olivia Amy.MP3

O Gabriella Izzy.MP3

O Jamie Caitlin Olivia.MP3

O Lewis Dylan Jonny.MP3

O Liam Ben Will.MP3

O Max Alexander Finn.MP3

O Natasha Will Isabelle Rhys.MP3

More atmospheric moonlight pieces and poems, from 5Ry.

Ry Jamie Scott Nathan.MP3

Ry Laura Lara Tia Certain Slant.MP3

Ry Luke Liam Campbell like rain.MP3

Ry Molly Emily Grace certain slant.MP3

Ry Olivia Harrison Robert Piano.MP3

Ry Ruby Yolen.MP3

Ry Thomas Thomas Xander like rain.MP3

Some of examples of the beautiful scores made by Y5/6.

Snow dog winners

Christmas displays Raymond Briggs books

Welcome to the gallery!  Please feel free to browse the children's work.