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Useful Forms

Requesting a Leave of Absence for a Pupil: If you need your child to be absent from school (for any reason other than medical appointments of less than one school session, dentist appointments or illness) please complete the form below & send it to the School Office. Please provided a reason for the absence request, giving as much detail as possible. The Headteacher will consider your request and confirm the outcome with you in writing.

Administering MEDICINES in School  Where possible, we ask that medicines be administered at home. Where this is not possible medicine clearly marked with the child’s name and required dose, should be given into the school office by a responsible adult. You will be asked to complete & sign the form below giving your formal consent for the school staff to administer the appropriate dose.
Administering INHALERS in School Children who require an inhaler for the treatment of asthma may either keep one in the school office or carry their inhaler with them. Parents/ Carers must complete the relevant parental consent form below and hand the form into the school office with the named inhaler (if relevant).
Change to Personal Details: Please use the form below to inform the school of any changes to pupil's or parent's personal details. Return completed forms to the School Office to enable us to update our records.