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Invitation for Y6 Pupils

Dear Year 6 pupils,

 We are so incredibly proud of all your hard work this year (and the many years that came before!). 

As Year 6 staff, we recognise that the coming week will be a busy one and we have no doubt that many of you will be nervous or even possibly excited! 

We would like to invite you to a sharing breakfast on each morning of the tests this coming week (Monday 9th May to Thursday 12th May).  There will be a variety of breakfasts available, from cereal to pains au chocolat, juice and fruit (and even some potential for blueberry muffins!).  If you would like to partake, please ask your parent/ carer to complete the link below to consent.

Link to consent form:

Please arrive at the Y5/6 entrance at 8.15am each morning.  You will be required to sign in so that we know who is present and breakfast will be held in the staff room.  It will be an opportunity to boost your energy reserves before a busy morning and to be around friends and staff for a little reassurance if you need it.  It is by no means compulsory and, if you have already had breakfast but want to be ready and raring to go, you are also welcome to attend.

 You are all super stars and we know that you will perform brilliantly in the week to come – let’s show them your very best!

 The Y5/6 team.