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PTA Virtual Christmas Present Room


The Christmas Present Room will be taking place this year, albeit virtually. Intially this was for Reception & KS1 classes only but we will be opening it up for Y3/4 at 5pm Tuesday 8th December. It is a lovely opportunity for children to choose a small gift for Mum/Dad or maybe Grandma/Grandpa in secret and bring it home already wrapped for Christmas Day. This year parents will need to pay the value of the gift they would like their child to choose. There are 3 gift prices available: £8, £6 and £3. Parents need to 'order & pay' for the gifts via the ParentPay system. Please ensure you choose the correct value gift.


Children will then have the opportunity in class to choose items from a 'catalogue' which will be shared in class, with the help of teachers and teaching assistants. The PTA will then prepare the gift which will be sent home during the last 2 weeks of term. 


You are able to order more than 1 of each value item, up to a maximum of 4.

You will need to order your presents by 4pm on Thursday 10 December.