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Computing at Wigginton


What is computing?

Computing is the study of how computers and computer systems work, and how they are designed and programmed.   At the core of this new subject is computational thinking which combines the use of practical skills such as coding with that of learning how to think like a computer scientist.

Alongside this children are also taught digital literacy (music, sound, video, animation) and information technology skills (programming & data handling)


Yearly overview:

We follow a scheme of work that ensures children will develop their skills in each area of computing over the school year. 

Autumn 1


Autumn 2

Music & sound

Spring 1

Computer science

Spring 2

Visual media

Summer 1

Data handling

Summer 2



Alongside these specific focuses children use computing equipment to support other areas of the curriculum and develop their digital literacy (use of websites, word processing & presentation skills)


What have we been learning?

In LKS2 & KS1 the children began the year by learning about e-safety.  At KS1 this centres on learning about people you can trust and keeping our personal information safe.  In Y3&4 this progresses to thinking about the validity of information on the internet.  During this topic the children evaluated child-friendly websites.


In Y5&6 the children started off the year by developing their digital literacy skills using a programme called Sketchup.  The children worked as architects to design a Viking museum.


Spring term:

This term all the children have been developing their coding skills.  Key stage 1 and Year 3 & 4 have learnt lots of new vocabulary including algorithm and debugging.  They have used the website to write simple algorithms and are starting to apply these skills to make their own games.  Key stage 1 also had lots of fun with the Bee Bots.



Autumn term

Autumn term 1
Autumn term 2
Autumn term 3
Autumn term 4
Autumn term 5